We will initially assess your project and advise as to the merits of your case. If the enforcement notice is correctly issued we would advise you accordingly. Even when a notice is correctly issued, professional and skilled negotiation can still often produce a favourable outcome with some element of compromise. Where your case has some merit, we will make the required representations to the enforcement team on your behalf. We speak the same language as the local authority planners and we have an intimate working knowledge of the rules that govern the planning and enforcement system. Where appropriate, we will prepare and submit your appeal to the planning inspectorate identifying the necessary policy compliance and legal compliance with supporting evidence.

In a recent case we managed, the client carried out extensive enlargement of his property which included extensions at ground and first floor level, extending into the basement area and the installation of two external roof terrace areas with balconies looking out to the rear views of the property. Though the works were considerable, they were carried out with the benefit of permitted development. The local authority served an enforcement notice on our client, suggesting that the development breached planning control as it had not received planning permission. We assessed the project and found that in our view, whilst extensive in volume and against the local authority planning policy, the works complied with the current legislation. We made representations to the planning enforcement team on behalf of our client, citing the relevant legislation and advising them to withdraw the enforcement notice. The enforcement notice was withdrawn.