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Construction projects require funding.  Often that funding is available from a third party source such as Government grants, banking and financier loans and various other sources.  Before making a decision to provide funding, it is often a requirement of the funding body that you provide a feasibility study to support the viability of your proposal. 

We will deal with the full extent of your feasibility study or if you have other consultants contributing, we will deal with the planning side of things and if necessary, your impact assessment. 

Our partner consultancies can cater to your financial and business oriented feasibility issues if required.  As to planning issues, it is often a crucial part of your feasibility study to be able to demonstrate that your proposal will receive planning permission.  Depending upon the nature of your proposals, it may simply be necessary for us to provide a well constructed report identifying the necessary policy statement and legislation confirming that your proposal meets the required criteria for securing planning permission.  In other circumstances it may be necessary for us to secure ‘outline’ planning permission for your project which is a simplified interim planning permission for the purposes of your feasibility study.  We are often asked to integrate with our client’s existing professionals in the preparation of a feasibility study, be they accountants, business advisers etc.