With the ever upward movement of property prices, home extensions are becoming more and more commonplace. Often the proximity of houses to each other results in the work falling within the scope of the party wall act. This could be because the adjoining property is of Victorian stock with stepped footings down to approximately only 800mm below ground level and your extension foundations require excavation to a minimum of 1m thus being deeper than the adjoining property foundations. It could be because where the side wall of your extension joins to the rear of the existing property, the connection is made to the face of the party wall standing between semi-detached or terrace properties. There is variety of other operations that could bring your home extension within the scope of the Act.

We will assess your proposals and advise you as to whether they fall within the scope of the Act. If necessary, we will serve notice on your behalf and we will act as your appointed party wall surveyor to bring the party wall matters to a swift conclusion to enable you to commence your works as soon as possible.