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Under the party wall Act, works that you propose to undertake that fall within the scope of the Act, require that notice is served on your adjoining owner/s within a specified period prior to the commencement of those works. When that notice is served, the adjoining owners have 14 days in which to consent to or dissent from the works. If they consent to the works and agree that the works can go ahead, you need do nothing further under the Act. However, if you proceed with the works on that basis, neither you nor your adjoining owner/s will benefit from the rights or the protections conferred by the Act.

If your adjoining owner/s dissent from the works or fail to respond within 14 days of the date notice is served, you must appoint a party wall surveyor to Act on your behalf and to prepare a party wall agreement (actual name; party wall award) between the parties.

We are experienced and we possess the required expertise in all aspects of the party wall process and we are regularly appointed as party wall surveyors by building owners and adjoining owners. Appointed by the building owner, we will act quickly to regulate matters between the building owner and the adjoining owner and will prepare the party wall award as required under section 10 of the Act. We will work with the adjoining owner’s independent party wall surveyor or as the single agreed party wall surveyor appointed by both parties. Appointed by the adjoining owner, we will regulate matters as before and we will work with the building owner/s surveyor to ensure the adjoining owner is properly catered for, protected and afforded their proper rights under the Act.