Permitted development is one of our specialist fields.  Under the General Permitted Development Order, there are types of development that are automatically granted planning permission without the requirement to submit a planning application for the works. 

Under the 1995 order, allowances for domestic extensions under permitted development were based upon the measurement of cubic volume.  The volume of development that can be undertaken under permitted development can be considerable when working within the rules. A 2008 amendment to the 1995 order applied a number of changes to the way allowances are determined.

We have a detailed and intimate working knowledge of the complex rules and regulations that surround permitted development.  We will apply that expertise to advise you and assist you to achieve the maximum potential of your land or property within the allowable criterion.

In a recent case we handled, our client had constructed a major three storey extension, carried out a large loft conversion, installed two balconied terraces and converted the basement of a single property in preparation for converting the property to a block of six luxury flats.  No application was made for planning permission.  The local planning enforcement department instructed the demolition of the new work on the basis that the work breached planning control and required an application for planning permission.  Defending the action, we made representations on behalf of our client in which we identified the various rules and current legislation that supported the fact that the works fell within permitted development criterion.  Initially the local authority resisted our arguments and the matter became adversarial.  Ultimately the local authority were forced to accept our cogent and compelling case and they backed down and confirmed no further action would be taken.