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The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 is reputed to be a well written but complex piece of legislation. The Act covers a vast range of construction and landscaping operations, some of which would not be readily associated with party walls by the uninitiated.

We will assess your project from an early stage and advise you as to any aspects that fall within the provisions of the Act and thus requiring service of notice. In some instances, a minor alteration to your proposals would mean that the project no longer falls under the provisions of the Act and you could then proceed confidently without the requirement to serve notice to your adjoining owner/s. In such instances we can advise as to the necessary alterations.

The Act confers a considerable number of rights on you as a building owner undertaking relevant works. This includes for example, under section 8 of the Act, the right under certain constraints, to access the adjoining owner/s’ land and even to place scaffolding upon their land for the purpose of executing work in pursuance of the Act. We recognise that it is often crucial to understand exactly what your rights are prior to undertaking the works to enable you to efficiently plan and program your project. We will advise you of your rights under the Act at an early stage and how best to utilise those rights in order to expedite your works.